Semen For Sale

Reflected R Ranch has semen for sale on two outstanding herd bulls, who are both American Simmental Carcass Merit Program "grads." Make sure you consider semen on:

TRPH RRR NIGHTFORCE B30 (ASA # 2899305), who ranks among the very top bulls in the SimAngus data! 
Nightforce is in the top 1% of marbling, $All-Purpose Index ($API), and $Terminal Index, ($TI), and plus he excels in YG, REA & SHR. He combines two of the breed's elite sires and has a very gentle disposition, ranking in the top 2% docility and still just as easy-going at age 5.
His offspring may be found in several seedstock sales, and working in pastures in all environments across the country.  Click here for Video
ASR WESTERN JUSTICE D616 (ASA #3164799), who ranks in the top 10% or better in CE, Yearling wt, ADG, MCE, Milk, MWW, $API and $TI. Wow!
As Brandon Wagner of Utica, SD, commented in June, 2019: "I just came back from checking our calves... We have been a cooperator herd with the Carcass Merit Program with ASA for 3 years. We began breeding some heifers to Western Justice two years ago, whose feedlot calves are OUT PERFORMING another Simmental sire herdmates who is highly touted in the breed..."
Both Nightforce and Western Justice bulls were part of the American Simmental's Carcass Merit Program. Call Curt at 719-469-2857 to purchase semen.

We also are proud to have had two home-raised yearling bulls sold to an AI stud in March, 2019. Watch for RRR Mr Remedy 13F and RRR Mr Comrade 27F to be available through ST Genetics from TX.

SimAngus Bulls For Sale

Reflected R will have YEARLING bulls available in March 2020 out of AI sires including Baltic, Eagle, Beacon, Kingsman, and Black Hawk. Please watch for details as we develop these herd bull prospects.
If you're looking for an AGE-ADVANTAGED bull now, our highlighted bulls are listed below by tattoo number. They have solid pedigrees to provide your herd with a combination of easy calving, good growth, moderate frame size and milk, good carcass traits and high profitability. 
All bulls are parental verified, tested for genetic defects, coat color & recessive gene for horns. All listed bulls are available PRIVATE TREATY. Just call 719-469-2857 to set up a viewing time. Here are the details: 

RRR Mr Zenith 07F
(ASA #3465233) is a 5/8 Simmental-5/16 Angus bull who ranks in the top 5% of hybrid Simmentals for All Purpose Index ($API) and Terminal Index ($TI), top 3% for Stayability and top 10% for Marbling EPD’s.
Birthdate: 1-25-2018 • Coat color: Red
Polled status: Homozygous Polled
Sire: WS Zenith Z55 • Dam:RRR Ms Selective 23X • MGS: GAR Selective
Adj. BW: 80 • Adj. WW:: 537• Adj. YW: 1014 • PAP: 60 • $API: 137.6 • $TI: 75.1

RRR Mr Marshall 18F
(ASA #3465309) is a 5/8 SM - 3/8 AN bull with balanced EPD’s across the board. Good Calving Ease combined with above average growth, excellent carcass and top 5% or better indexes.  
Birthdate: 1-30-2018 • Coat color: Homozygous Black
Polled status: Homozygous Polled
Sire: GW Marshall 756A • Dam:RRR Ms In Force 06C • MGS: SDS In Force 112Y
Adj. BW: 76 • Adj. WW:: 627 • Adj. YW: 1097 •  PAP: 62 • $API: 153.0 • $TI: 85.7

RRR Mr Combination 88F
(ASA #3465231) is a ½ SM - ½ AN bull, who is owned by our son. The Combination sons we have sold the last few years have all looked alike. Very moderate framed, thick-muscled belly-draggers.
Birthdate: 2-4-2018 • Coat color: Homozygous Black • Polled status: Homozygous Polled Sire: Connealy Combination 0188 • Dam: RRR Ms Invasion 15W • MGS: Triple C Invasion R47K Adj. BW: NA • Adj. WW: 530 • Adj. YW: 1055 •  PAP: 39 • $API: 126.3 • $TI: 70.7

Sale terms
Reflected R Ranch sells bulls by private treaty on a first-come, first-pick basis. Bulls already are Trich and fertility-tested. After selection, we'll arrange delivery (free delivery within 200 miles of Sugar City). 


Bred Angus Heifers to be Offered

Reflected R will have a full set of purebred Angus heifers for sale in fall 2019. They're solely AI'd to Deer Valley Patriot (Select Sires #7AN418) to calve in February. Call Curt at 719-469-2857 for details.

Thanks to our buyers

Reflected R Ranch thanks its 2019 buyers from those purchasing our yearlings at the 2019 High-Altitude Bulls Sale, or buying private treaty. Thus far we thank:

  • 3R Ranch, CO
  • Coberly Creek Ranch, CO
  • Corral Creek Ranch, CO
  • Gray Ranches, CO
  • J. Schalla, CO
  • M. Macaluso, CO
  • Neugebauer Livestock, CO
  • R. Nelson, CO
  • ST Genetics, TX (Look for 2 of our yearling bulls to be added to their AI line up)
  • C. Wilcox, UT

    Want EPDs?

    Reflected R bull data updated 9/28/2019 from the American Simmental Association.

    We’d be glad to give you the latest EPDs on each of our herd bull prospects. However, EPDs are continually updated, as sire and progeny information is inputted into the world’s largest beef data base, run by American Simmental. With the new BOLT software, the accuracy improves daily. For the latest, go to → herdbook →animal search and plug in each ASA registration number, and the most current data will pop up. The link is:,AnimalSearch.vm

    Or, call and we’d be glad to get the information to you, so that you can choose the correct bull to enhance your operation.

    What are $ Indexes?

    Terminal Index ($TI) is an excellent dollar analysis, with this one based on all offspring headed to the feedlot, and the All-Purpose Index ($API) is an excellent combined number if you raise your own replacement females. It is an aid in your bull selection for stayability and other maternal factors brought to you in a dollar profit figure.


    Weaning completed

    Reflected R Ranch calves are weaned and on starter rations. At this step, we've again culled bull prospects, so we're developing an elite offering of potential herd sires for you.

    Curt re-elected 
    to CCA board

    Reflected R Ranch's Curt Russell was re-elected to the Colorado Cattlemen's board during the association's June convention.

    Bulls, semen, heifers for sale

    Reflected R has yearling bulls, semen on proven sires, and a pot of bred females available See FOR SALE section for details or call Curt at 719-469-2857 to set up a viewing time.

    One less 'hat'

    Curt & Susan Russell recently sold WW Feed & Supply LLC, a feed store & mill they have owned for nearly 20 years in La Junta.
    "We look forward to spending a bit more time on our ranch and with our cattle customers!

    Susan featured in
    "Women of the ASA"

    Reflected R Ranch's Susan Schlickau Russell is featured in American Simmental's "Women of the ASA". Click here for the highlights.

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