Reflected R Ranch uses artificial insemination, embryo transfer, and natural-service sires in its breeding program.

   We have THREE top herd sires who are a part of the American Simmental's Carcass Merit Program. CMP is an unbiased evaluation for the next generation of genetically influential young candidate sires. We're proud to have two CMP "grads" in our pastures who have their EPDs and carcass data proven in commercial operations nationwide, and one CMP "freshman" just being bred into the ASA cooperative herds this spring.

Our three influential bulls are:  
•  TRPH RRR NIGHTFORCE B30 - (ASA #2899305) - is a heavy muscled Night Ride son with jaw-dropping body capacity, combined with a heavy-boned, sound undercarriage. 
   He is ¾ SM ¼ AN in the top 1% of $API, $TI, marbling, and tenderness and top 10-15% of stayability, calving ease, yield grade and ribeye EPDs. 
   Nightforce has worked well for donor matings in our ET program. He is in the top 2% of Docility, and his gentle attitude at age 6 is wonderful for family operations.
   His offspring may be found in several seedstock sales, and working in pastures in all environments across the country. Click here for a video.

Nightforce B30

•  ASR WESTERN JUSTICE D616 - (ASA #3164799) - is a purebred Simmental son of True Justice and outcross to most major Simmental bloodlines. He's in the top 10% calving ease EPD and we've found he's a great "heifer bull" on paper and in the pasture. He is also in the top 15% of $API.
   As Brandon Wagner of Utica, SD, commented in June, 2019: "I just came back from checking our calves... We have been a cooperator herd with the Carcass Merit Program with ASA for 3 years. We began breeding some heifers to Western Justice two years ago, whose feedlot calves are OUT PERFORMING another Simmental sire herdmates who is highly touted in the breed..." 

Western Justice D616
•  TJ RRR XCEPTIONAL 528G  - (ASA #3611850) - is a new rising star. He is a thick ½ SM ½ AN Xceed son, who is phenotypically and genotypically exceptional, hence his name. He is ranked in the top 1% in $API, $TI and marbling for starters, with weaning, yearling and carcass weight EPDs also in the top tier.
 We look forward to having Xceptional's offspring in the CMP program and in our herd.
   You are welcome to see these bulls and their progeny in person. Semen is for sale on our top sires. 

Xceptional 528G

   Our 2020 calf crop also includes some great offspring by Hook's Eagle 6E and other AI sires. We're starting AI breeding for the 2021 calf crop now.

For your spring turnout, Reflected R has semen and bulls for sale. Call Curt today at 719-469-2857 or click here for details.

Despite the drought here, many pairs are in new pastures. However, we're still praying for rain for the other turn-out options.

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