Reflected R Ranch uses artificial insemination, embryo transfer, and natural-service sires in its breeding program.

We have top herd sires who are a part of the American Simmental's Carcass Merit Program. CMP is an unbiased evaluation for the next generation of genetically influential young candidate sires. We're proud to have four CMP sires who had their EPDs and carcass data proven in commercial operations nationwide.

Our influential bulls include:  

(ASA #3886910)
is our home-raised bull sold to All Beef and Select Sires. They recently posted: “He is correct in his build and offers a solid, square foot. He is both a G+ and ACE sire on Right–Mate system. Use him on heifers with confidence.”
Emblem, a PB SM, ranks in the Top 2% for $API and $TI, and 3% on CE. He’s a 2023 CMP-class sire. We used some of Emblem’s semen this spring in his first breeding season in our own herd.

Emblem J3541

(ASA #4032008)
is a new PB SM bull we purchased from Clear Springs Cattle Co. He was turned out this spring 2023 for his first breeding season.
He is a powerful tank who ranks in the Top 1% in $API, $TI, Marb. & Stay plus in the top 15% or better in CE, BW, Wean, Year, MCE, and REA. We look forward to seeing his progeny.

Klondike 0317K

(ASA #3697410)
is a ⅝ SM son of Eagle and is an absolute beast but is bred for easy calving and high growth. Top 5% in $API and $TI.
This 2020 model from Miller Simmental. Come view his offspring.

Prairie Falcon 564H

•  IR RRR Homefire K577
(ASA #4158646)
is a new ⅝ SM bull we purchased from Irvine Ranch. He already has been collected to use in the ASA Carcass Merit Program this spring, plus in our herd.
A Homeland son, Homefire is a powerhouse who ranks in the Top 1% in $API, $TI, & Marb. plus, in the top 10% or better in WW, YW, ADG, and REA. We look forward to seeing his progeny

IR RRR Homefire K577

(ASA #3611850)
is a thick ½ SM ½ AN Xceed son, who is phenotypically and genotypically exceptional, hence his name. He is ranked in the top 2% in $API, $TI and Marbling for starters.
Xceptional is a 2019 model from Triangle J. He’s another CMP grad.

Xceptional 528G

(ASA #3664488)
is a PB SM High Road son with his eye-appeal and genotypic data. He is ranked in the top 1% in $API and CE and top 2% for Marbling and Stay.
Turnpike is a 2019 model from Irvine Ranch. He’s another CMP grad, who we just sold to a customer needing an older bull.


(ASA #4228198)
is a red PB SM bull sired by a Hook's Eagle son out of an IR Imperial cow. This outcross excels in genotypic data. He is ranked in the top 1% in $API, Stay, Marbling and Docility and top 2% for $TI.
Redwing was the highest IMF value score at Klein Ranch. Redwing has been entered in the 2024 CMP class plus will have his inaugural breeding season in spring 2024.

You are welcome to see our natural service sires and their progeny in person.
Percentile rankings were updated 7/2023.

RRR Cattle Services now available

Curtis & Susan Russell have reclaimed the sales of Mix 30 liquid feed and Select Sires semen in southeast Colorado, under the name RRR Cattle Services, LLC.
For liquid feed, we offer the popular high-energy Mix 30. This 16% protein liquid feed is one that we personally use free choice for our own cowherd during the winter and pre-breeding seasons as a protein supplement. It is a great energy source, and easy on your pocketbook. Some customers also use it as a ration conditioner.
We sell it by:

  • Full tanker loads (about 24 ton) delivered directly to your operation.
  • A trailer load (about 6.5 tons) delivered to your operation and put out into your feeding tanks.
  • An option to check out our gooseneck liquid trailer, with you doing the hauling and returning the trailer back to us.
  • Filling your liquid shuttles or containers from our storage tank, which are currently located in La Junta, CO.

For semen services, we are pleased to again be a part of the Select Sires MidAmerica team as your regional sales representative for semen and AI supplies, as well as your liquid nitrogen provider for your AI tanks. Market analysts predict a positive price forecast for cow/calf and seedstock cattlemen in the next few years. Select Sires continues to have outstanding sires to enhance and improve your herd. We would love to visit about what will best fit your program.

    We offer:
  • Liquid nitrogen, where we fill your semen storage tanks and keep them charged. To get on one of our routes, contact us today.
  • Select Sires semen. A great selection of outstanding sires. We also try to group shipper orders to make it more economical for you.
  • Artificial insemination supplies, such as gloves and an assortment of styles of sheaths.
  • Setting up fixed-time AI programs for replacement heifers and/or your cowherd. We can also help with breeding arm service.

We had offered the liquid feed, liquid nitrogen, and semen sales services for nearly 20 years. We sold the business, WW Feed & Supply, and these services to two key employees who took over these areas for a few years. With the recent closing of WW Feed & Supply, Inc. by the Ryan Davis estate, Curt & Susan Russell have come out of semi-retirement to resume offering these key services to southeast Colorado. At this time, fills and deliveries are currently by appointment, with fixed hours of operation to be determined.
For this portion of our business, please contact us at: 719-469-2857 or [email protected].

Curt & Susan Russell
24614 County Road G Sugar City, CO 81076
Phone: 719-469-2857
Email: [email protected]

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