Bulls Available Private Treaty

Reflected R is pleased to offer you solid red and black Simmental and SimAngus bulls. The offering is a good, balanced bull battery.

All bulls have been DNA tested with parental verification and genomically enhanced EPDs. Just click on the corresponding ASA registration number, and it will take you straight to the American Simmental's database and the specific bull, so you can see their most current EPDs and $Indexes.

Available coming 2-year-old bulls, in tattoo order:

RRR CONDUCTOR H2881 - ASA #3744234
3/4 SM 1/8 AN 1/16 AR 1/16 CS - b. 3.3.20
Hetero black / homo polled - sire WS Conductor E261
H2881 is a heavily muscled, deep-made, long-sided bull whose EPD's indicate his calves should keep you from experiencing extremes of milk, frame, and calving problems.
RRR CONDUCTOR H3505 - ASA #3744230
Red / homo polled - sire WS Conductor E261
Here's a really nice made red bull with weaning numbers well above average in a compact frame. His top 25% $API will help keep you in the cow business.
RRR NIGHTFORCE H4181 - ASA #3744269
5/8 SM 5/16 AN 1/16 MX - b. 2.28.20
Homo black / homo polled - sire TRPH RRR Nightforce B30
A heifer-bull prospect, with a top 5% Calving-ease EPD and a low birthweight ratio, but with growth still at or above breed average. A well-muscled bull whose calves should come easy but grow fast, and with a top 5% API, his daughters should make good cows.

Available coming yearling bulls, in tattoo order:

RRR 41F J3060 - ASA #3886863
5/8 SM 3/8 AN - b. 2.3.21
Homo black / hetero polled - sire RRR Mr Substance 41F
A bigger framed bull calf that ratioed 102 for weaning weight and exhibits loads of muscle.
RRR HIGH ROAD J3063 - ASA #3886948
3/4 SM 31/4 AN - b. 2.7.21
Homo black/ homo polled - sire KBHR High Road E23
Outstanding genetic package with EPD's and $Indexes well above average for most traits, including Calving Ease, Growth and $API.
RRR FRANCHISE J4426 - ASA #3886927
5/8 SM 11/32 AN 1/32 MX - b. 2.5.21
Homo black / homo polled - sire TJ Franchise 451D
A heifer-bull prospect, with top 10% Calving Ease EPD and birthweight that ratioed just 85, at just 70# out of a three-year-old dam.
RRR SURE FIRE J4429 - ASA #3886919
1/2 SM 1/2 AN - b. 2.7.21
Homo black / homo polled - sire GAR Sure Fire
Check out this genetic package. Top 5% Yearling Weight EPD and $API. Top 10% Weaning Weight, highest 2% for Marbling, but still much better than average Calving Ease.
RRR NIGHTFORCE J4433 - ASA #3886878
5/8 SM 11/32 AN 1/32 MX - b. 2.11.21
Hetero black / homo polled - sire TRPH RRR Nightforce B30
A bigger-framed bull with frostbitten ears. He was born in the middle of last February's intense cold snap. A really stout made calf that ranks in the top 25% for $API.
RRR FRANCHISE J4435 - ASA #3886881
5/8 SM 3/8 AN - b. 2.13.21
Homo black / homo polled - sire TJ Franchise 451D
Extraordinarily well balanced EPD's and $Indexes
RRR NIGHTFORCE J4441 - ASA #3886932
5/8 SM 3/8 AN - b. 2.25.21
Hetero black / homo polled - sire TRPH RRR Nightforce B30
Balanced Calving-Ease and Growth EPD's and top 3% $API.

RRR bulls listed above are all being sold private treaty now on a first come-first serve basis. In addition, the coming 2-year-olds have already been trich and semen tested and brand inspected. Yearlings will be tested soon.

We're located just 3 miles southeast of Sugar City, CO. Call Curt at 719-469-2857 for details or email reflected.r.ranch@gmail.com.

We also have bulls that will be sold as 18-month-olds, available as part of RA Brown Ranch's Oct. 12, 2022, sale in Throckmorton, TX.




The year 2022 started with 3" snow. Moisture in any form is always welcome in arid Southeast Colorado! You also are welcome to visit any time. We look forward to doing business with you in 2022. Click here for our current bull offerings.

Curt & Susan Russell
24614 County Road G Sugar City, CO 81076
Phone: 719-469-2857
Email: reflected.r.ranch@gmail.com

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