Semen For Sale

Reflected R Ranch has semen for sale on its outstanding herd sires:
Go to our HERD BULLS page on this website for details on each. Contact Curt at 719-469-2857 for semen opportunities.
• We also are proud to have had two home-raised yearling bulls sold to an AI stud in March 2019. RRR Mr Remedy 13F and RRR Mr Comrade 27F both went to ST Genetics and semen is available through ST Genetics.

Bulls for sale private treaty
Reflected R has yearling and age-advantaged bulls ready to go to work. We are selling all bulls private treaty in 2020.

All bulls have been DNA tested and are parental verified, plus they're tested and are believed to be free of known genetic defects. All EPDs have been genomically enhanced to boost accuracy.

In tattoo order, the yearling bulls available are:

RRR Mr Baltic 22G
(ASA #3613573) ½ Simmental ½ Angus bull that is deep-sided, thick-made, stout and just plain good. In addition, he is well above average for growth, has good carcass EPD's and ranks well in both Indexes.
Birthdate: 1-30-2019 • Coat color:  Homozygous Black • Polled status:  Homozygous Polled
Sire: Hook’s Baltic 17B •  Dam: 605D • MGS: TC Thunder 805 • Adj. BW: 85 • Adj. WW: 641 • $API: 135.1 • $TI: 77.4

RRR Mr Baltic 63G
(ASA #3613621) ¾ Simmental ¼ Angus bull that is moderate-framed, thick and stout. He is also above average for almost every trait that puts money on your bottom line, including top 20% for both indexes.
Birthdate: 2-10-2019 • Coat color:  Homozygous Black • Polled status:  Homozygous Polled
Sire: Hook’s Baltic 17B •  Dam: PSFB19 • MGS: MCM Top Grade 018X • Adj. BW: 86 • Adj. WW: 510 • $API: 140.3 • $TI: 76.9

And age-advantaged bulls available are:
RRR Mr Substance 41F
(ASA #3465244) ¾ Simmental ¼ Angus bull who ranks high for both growth and the $indexes. He is deep-bodied, thick and well-balanced. We used him to clean up a group of cows last year.
Birthdate: 2-11-2018 • Coat color: Homozygous Black • Polled status:  Homozygous Polled
Sire: GW-WBF Substance 820Y •  Dam: RRR Ms Manifest 11Z • MGS: Nichols Manifest T79
Adj. BW: 81 • Adj. WW: 579 • Adj. YW: 997 • Ultrasound Wt: 960.0 • Ultrasound IMF: 2.52 • Ultrasound backfat: 0.18 • Ultrasound Ribeye Area: 12.73 $API: 136.5 • $TI: 86.2

RRR Mr Nightforce 67D
(ASA #3156310) ⅝ Simmental ⅜ Angus bull is a sire that we have used ourselves. We’d offer this red powerhouse for sale to customers needing an older proven bull. He ranks in the top 2% of both $API and $TI.
Birthdate: 3-7-2017 • Coat color: Red • Polled status:  Homozygous Polled
Sire: TRPH RRR Nightforce B30 •  Dam: RRR Ms Selective 03Y • MGS: GAR Selective
Adj. BW: 71 • Adj. WW: 488 • Adj. YW: 1019  • Ultrasound Wt: 990.0 • Ultrasound IMF: 3.12 • Ultrasound backfat: 0.12 • Ultrasound Ribeye Area: 14.51 $API: 160.5 • $TI: 85.0

Thanks to our buyers
Reflected R Ranch thanks its 2020 buyers. Thus far this new year we thank:
  • 3R Ranch
  • Loren Mick
  • Bar Nothing Ranch
  • Gray Ranch
  • Atwater Family Trust
  • Edmundson Ranches
  • DeGraw Ranch
  • Zettlemoyer Ranch
  • C. Becker
  • T. Becker
  • G. Glover

  • Want EPDs?

    To get the most recent data on Reflected R bulls, just click on the underlined ASA registration number of each animal. That hyberlink will automatically take you to the American Simmental Association (ASA) website.
    EPDs are continually updated, as sire and progeny information is inputted into the world's largest beef data base, run by ASA. With the new BOLT software, the accuracy improves daily. 
    Or, call and we'd be glad to get the information to you, so that you can choose the correct bull to enhance your operation.

    What are $ Indexes?

    Terminal Index ($TI) is an excellent dollar analysis, with this one based on all offspring headed to the feedlot, and the All-Purpose Index ($API) is an excellent combined number if you raise your own replacement females. It is an aid in your bull selection for stayability and other maternal factors brought to you in a dollar profit figure.


    For your spring turnout, Reflected R has semen and bulls for sale. Call Curt today at 719-469-2857 or click here for details.

    Despite the drought here, many pairs are in new pastures. However, we're still praying for rain for the other turn-out options.

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