Reflected R Ranch herd facts:

  • We have a PI-BVD free herd. We test for Persistently Infected Bovine Viral Diarrhea and have no carriers of the virus.

  • Calves are all vaccinated at branding with 7-way and an intra-nasal IBR vaccine, followed by a 7-way booster at weaning, along with an MLV vaccine containing IBR, BVD, P13 and BRSV. The viral vaccine is boostered two to three weeks after weaning. The herd also is treated for parasites at this time.

  • All animals are registered through the American Simmental Association's Total Herd Enrollment program.

  • All bulls receive annual Breeding Soundness exams and are tested for trichomoniasis.

  • We monitor the EPDs (Expected Progeny Difference) on our cattle, with an emphasis on calving ease combined with adequate growth.

  • Our entire herd is genomic tested. In addition to verifying parentage, the status of the coat color and polled genes, all Reflected R animals - not just sale bulls but the entire operation - have had DNA tests through GeneSeek to increase the accuracy of the EPDs.

  • Good cattle disposition is very important since we are a family operation and our sons work alongside us.

  • Curtis, Susan and Chad Russell are each Beef Quality Assurance certified. We believe in following this code of conduct. Susan also is certified in NCBA's Master of Beef Advocacy program.

    After a bit of rain, we've been allowed a partial turn-out on nearby grazing shares. The trailing was easy, as the cows were anxious for their tardy grazing rights.

    Other Colorado pastures remain dry, so we've stocked lightly to be good land stewards. We still need rain!

    Curt & Susan Russell
    24614 County Road G Sugar City, CO 81076
    Phone: 719-469-2857

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